April 18, 2009

On Pasquetta, Easter Monday, classes were cancelled so we went to Pisa for the day. We took a slow train so we spent a lot of time on the train, and not much time in the city, but the city is small so we had time to see everything we wanted to see while we were there. We started with the Piazza dei Miracoli, home to the famous Leaning Tower, the cathedral, baptistery, and several museums.

Left: the Piazza with all three monuments; at right: the Leaning Tower. All the tourists there were taking their pictures as if they were supporting the tower; we just took pictures of them taking pictures!

The duomo, facade and interior

The baptistery, exterior and interior, view from the second level (gallery)

Here you can see better how tilted the tower really is, compared to the (relative) vertical of the cathedral. The cathedral, too, seemed a bit tilted. The ground of the piazza has settled over time, causing the buildings to pitch.

Left: inside the monumental cemetary (Camposanto); right: a palace in the Piazza dei Cavalieri.

We then wandered back through town, stopping in the Piazza dei Cavalieri to eat an ice cream, and got on the train to head back. It was a nice day to be outside!