Return of the Updated Blog

May 24, 2010

Hello friends,

This summer I decided - among my many projects to fill time since I won’t be working full time - to keep my blog updated. Huzzah! So from now on, it’s probably safe to expect new posts on a more than bimonthly basis.

Duke graduation was two weekends ago; you can see my photos on my Picasa Web Album here.

If you are interested in my future plans, you should be happy to know that I will be working in the San Francisco Bay area again this summer. I’ll be assisting at AP+I Design in Mountain View. In the fall I will attend Columbia to begin the hazardous process of acquiring my M Arch.

But what of the many projects, you may ask? I plan to:

  1. Convert 8 years of t-shirts to quilt format (that’s 50 t-shirts)

  2. Convert 4 years of photos to scrapbook format

  3. Augment 2 years of cooking experience by baking through my new “Killer Pies” cookbook and the Westminster Fellowship Cookbook

I will try to post photos of said projects as they develop.

Hurrah for the summer!