California Conclusion/Manhattan Introduction

September 7, 2010

My final pie of the California pie series was not very photogenic, although it tasted great considering I had to stoop to using canned cherries (why aren’t there any sour cherries in California grocery stores?!?). It was a basic cherry pie with store-bought crust, made quickly for a summer barbeque. Here’s a close-up:

And that concludes my summer baking spree! We shall now return to the subject this blog is really about, which is architecture/design/stuff I like. This week I begin my master of architecture program at Columbia’s GSAPP. But since I don’t have any work to show yet - I haven’t actually had any classes yet - here are some “progess shots” of my brand-new apartment!

Some of you have doubtless heard about my apartment-hunting difficulties… After several months of fruitlessly searching for roommates, I finally found (and rented) a sublet room, only to visit it upon my arrival in the city and find that it was not at all what I expected. Within 24 hours I managed to find a new place, a 4th floor studio apartment (it’s much easier when you’re actually here!), and here it is:

Since I took these photos I have put up posters, and eventually I’ll replace the bedspread, put a cover on the futon, change the curtains, etc. For more pictures, see my Picasa web album here: Picasa.

My building is an old early 1900s rowhouse, completely surrounded by Columbia-owned dormitories and just one block from campus. The location couldn’t be better! The only downside is dealing with 100-year-old floors, creaky stairs (no elevator), and a tiny kitchen. But I’ll survive!

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts & well-wishes for my move… everything went well and I’m excited for classes to begin!