Stuff I Made for Fun

March 16, 2012

Because fun stuff is awesome.

First: My Halloween costume. Corellian blood stripes from (warning: very hilarious 1990s-style website); boots are Ovation equestrian boots; jacket from (believe it or not) Old Navy. Pin on jacket states “My other car is the Millenium Falcon.” Not up to official costuming standards, but could be worse! The blaster is laser cut corrugated cardboard. Drew it myself.

Second: wedding invitations. I know this is quite belated… but I thought there might be some individuals interested in seeing the variety of invitations I made. All the sheets that look like decorative paper are discarded drawings from my fellow GSAPP M. Arch. 2013 students (if you recognize your own, let me know so I can credit you!). I cut down the sheets to size. The ivory RSVP cards are discarded card catalog cards from the GSAPP Slide & Video Library. Also, I’m going to post some more wedding-related drawings on my Pinterest & Google Plus (Picasa) albums.