Whovian Hiatus

August 11, 2013

If you’re like me, you’ve been wondering what to do with yourself since Season 7 of Doctor Who ended in May. Since we still have practically an eternity to go until the November 23rd 50th anniversary special, I thought I’d help out with a handy list of ways to pass the time until then.

  1. Cry. I can’t believe Matt Smith is leaving. I will miss his hair.

  2. Find a local Doctor Who fan club, so you can cry together about the fact that November is so far away. Sooo far….

  3. Cry while re-watching recent Doctor Who episodes. (The end of Vincent and the Doctor always kills me. Also every season finale episode, ever.)

  4. Do laundry? Or something useful?

  5. Watch all the nearly 700 previous episodes of classic Doctor Who. Or watch them again, depending on your age. I started from the beginning in June, and have managed to finish seasons 1, 7, and 8, plus a random selection of episodes from other seasons. I’m currently on season 10, with the Third Doctor. More on that later.

  6. Stop crying long enough to reflect on Peter Capaldi and what he will bring to the show.

  7. Resume crying. I miss the Ponds.

  8. Get a different hobby, like guitar, or macrame?

  9. Figure out the best way to watch Doctor Who legally. I don’t have cable (or a TV for that matter), so I don’t get BBC America. I don’t have Netflix, or Amazon Prime, or any other internet TV service. While I’m contemplating signing up for one of these, I’m not sure which one has the most Who for the buck. Should I just give up and buy the DVD box sets, so I can own copies of Doctor Who forever? And besides that, how am I going to watch new episodes without a TV? These are important questions to answer before the next season. Let me know if you have suggestions. Note: volunteering your own TV for weekly group DW-watching is an acceptable solution. Otherwise I might have to go all the way up to SF to watch with the local DW group.

And finally,

  1. Cry over your inability to do anything except wait impatiently for more Doctor Who. Come on, November…