Stuff I Made: Moar of It

March 19, 2018

Yes, friends, it’s time once again for me to show off some stuff I made, having accumulated enough stuff to constitute a post.

I have been thinking about doing this for literally years. Why didn’t I do it sooner? Who knows. Here they are now:

These are super easy Harry Potter-inspired wands, via this tutorial. Next up I need to make a wand holster, via this tutorial, to make it easier to carry the wand around! (If you’re super ambitious and want to make a wand that lights up, try this tutorial instead.)

To ensure you don’t think that everything I make turns out well, I present to you, unfinished & abandoned Christmas ornaments of 2017:

The laser cutter melted the edges so they were sticky and gross; the engraving was impossible to read; I couldn’t figure out the paint job. Sorry folks. You’ll have to wait til next year for ornaments. But I did manage to cut out a bunch of squares of cardboard that may yet become something, someday!

In case you didn’t know, every year I also design the t-shirts and pins for the Odyssey of the Mind - Silicon Valley Regional Tournament. These are shirts for judges, and pins for anyone to purchase. I post these typically on my Tumblr, so go check it out there.

Let me see, what else did I make recently? Oh yes, these buildings (Frost Amphitheater - though they are as yet incomplete):

Also this one (James Lick HS - Student Center, also incomplete), although I did not design it:

I think that concludes this post of Stuff I Made! Join me next time, when hopefully I will have made something slightly more finished (for the buildings) or interesting (for my personal projects). If you enjoyed this stuff, let me know, so I will be encouraged to make moar!