Stuff I Made for Fun 2.0

February 19, 2013

The Sequel!

This year for Christmas, I decided to reuse some scrap material left over from a school project to made gifts for my family. The project was a parametric desk organizer, milled with the CNC router from plywood, and we had lots of extra funky-shaped pieces of wood from our failed prototypes. These seemed to be the perfect size for picture frames, so I sanded and painted them, ordered prints, cut the prints to size, and voila!

For myself, I traced, cut, and painted some images of the Rebel insignia and TARDIS to make cheap Star Wars and Doctor Who earrings from chipboard. The earring hooks and wire are from Michael’s. I also made mini 3D TARDISes out of clay, but I’m not quite as happy with those. (Dinosaur below for scale.)

This next project was really Justin’s, but it turned out fairly well so I thought I’d share. He was thinking about getting a standing desk for quite a while, so he did the research to find cheap options, and we decided to go with a modded IKEA side table that sits on top of his regular desk. For the keyboard, he attached two shelf brackets and a shelf from Home Depot, and it’s quite sturdy! (Manhattan below for scale.)

For more stuff I made, check out my Tumblr, with images of chairs and the desk organizer I made for my fabrication classes at school last semester. And finally, here’s my birthday present: a new signed James Hance print, all framed and ready to go somewhere on our walls… (If you’re wondering, the image is My Neighbor Totoro + Doctor Who = Totorwho. With Switzerland below for scale, of course.)