2D Design

Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, and Graphic Design

My 2D design work allows me to explore methods of representation, form and abstraction, and new technologies and materials (software, mixed media). Most of my graphic design efforts have been for the benefit of non-profit organizations where I volunteer. I enjoy getting to try out new techniques and finding new ways to use materials that I have on hand.

Painting, "Blackberries", 2009 Drawing, "Forum Romanum", 2009 Drawing, "Architectural Detail", 2009 Animated gif, "Arrows", based on hand drawings from 2009 Linotype, "Pencil", II state, 2009 Etching, untitled, 2009 Mixed media, Collected Works #1, 2018 Mixed media, Collected Works #2, 2019 Mixed media, Collected Works #3, 2019