Frost Amphitheater

Stanford University

Role: Project Architect, CAW Architects
Site: Stanford, CA
Completed: 2019
Project Size: 10,000 SF, new construction

The Frost Amphitheater renovations include a new stage house and canopy, new restrooms, accessibility improvements, and site infrastructure improvements, which have put this historic 1930s amphitheater back on the map. The amphitheater is now ready to host shows ranging from student productions, to touring acts, to the San Francisco Symphony. The venue can host up to 8,000 guests, with a freight elevator that holds 20,000 pounds, and a canopy that supports up to 50,000 pounds of production equipment.

Scale model of the Frost Amphitheater site Scale model of the new Frost Amphitheater stage house Section drawing through the Frost Amphitheater stage house Rendering of the new stage house Photograph of the new stage house with orchestra on stage Photograph of one of the new restroom buildings Photograph of a concert at night Photograph of a concert at night from the side of the stage house