Lou Henry Hoover House

Stanford University

Role: Project Architect, CAW Architects
Site: Stanford, CA
Completed: 2019
Project Size: Exterior accessibility improvements, new trellis design

As part of ongoing improvements at the historic Lou Henry Hoover House at Stanford, the design team was asked to provide accessibility upgrades to give visitors better access to the lower level of the house. The house does not have an elevator, so prior to this intervention, there was no accessible path to the lower level from the upper level. The team, including landscape architects Vallier Design Associates, designed a new outdoor stair and ramp integrated into a new garden design, for a gracious and elegant entry sequence.

Lou Henry Hoover House New accessible walkway and stair New accessible path to lower level of the house

At the same time, the team worked with the university and residents to provide lighting, furniture, and A/V updates to the public spaces of the house, and to design a new trellis to replace the student-built trellis that had been in place on the back terrace. Several trellis designs were considered, shown here.

Trellis v1 Elevation Trellis v1 Plan

Trellis v2 Elevation Trellis v2 Plan